Corporate profile


Corporate Profile

MetLife M.F.C. was established in 1992 (Commercial Registry No : 918601000 – HCMC Resolution No 98/3rd Subject / 04.02.92, Gov. Gazette 246/B/04.08.92) and since then it remains amongst the top ten mutual fund companies.

MetLife is the main shareholder (90%) and the rest 10% to Kanellopoulos-Adamantiadis.

Regulator : Hellenic Capital Market Committee

Board of Directors:

  • President: Mr. Kyriakos Apostolidis
  • Vice President: Mrs. Eleni Papagelopoulou
  • Member : Mr Edward Palmer
  • Member: Mr. Nikolaos Adamantiadis
  • Member: Mr. Efstratios Petrou

Management Team:

  • General Manager: Mrs. Eleni Papagelopoulou
  • Chief Investment Officer: Mr. Vassilios Antoniadis

Company´s business scope

MetLife M.F.C. offers 12 listed mutual funds to the public. They belong to different categories, such as Money Market funds, Bond funds, Balanced funds, Fund of Funds, Greek and International funds, giving the possibility to the customers to cover all their needs.

Additionally, MetLife M.F.C. is supporting all Unit Link insurance products, of MetLife Greece.

Fund Management and Investment Strategy

Mutual funds are managed following active or passive investment strategies, depending on each fund´s risk/reward profile. The fund manager is obliged to follow the fund´s prospectus and the internal guidelines limitations. The various investment committees act as fund management´s controllers and ideas producers via brainstorming conversations. The portfolios performance is measured against internal and external benchmarks. Investment objective is to outperform benchmarks and target the top quartile of peer groups.

For the tactical asset allocation, Greek Law, Investment Guidelines, Investment Committees, Macroeconomic Views and Market conditions are taken into consideration. For the sectoral allocation and the security selection, we evaluate the projected prospects and profitability along with the relative value of each sector or stock against peers.

Last but not least, the Investment Department aims to contribute to marketing material creation and support sales force in their tasks.

Distribution Network

MetLife M.F.C. offers Alico family of funds through:

  • MetLife network of Insurance Advisors.
  • Its exclusive network of Investment Account Officers.


Offices of MetLife M.F.C.
  • Athens
    119, Kifissias Av., 151 24 Maroussi tel: 210 8787000, fax: 210 3247901
    email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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