Investing in Mutual Funds ...


? It is as simple as opening a savings account at a bank.

? All investors share the same returns on their capital irrespective of the amount invested.

? You can enjoy exposure to the Greek and global capital markets with minimal transaction and management fees.

? You can liquidate your investment anytime you wish.

? You can ask our certified personel on market developments and trends.

? A detailed statement on your investment is a phone call away.

? You can daily observe the valuation of your investment from the daily press of from MetLife M.F.C.'s web site.

? With our products, you can create a fully diversified portfolio and have exposure to multiple asset classes ranging from equities to bonds and commodities.

? If you are a Greek citizen, you can have significant tax credits .


Subscription to our Mutual Funds ...

You can subscribe to any of our mutual funds that covers your investment profile and risk appetite, following a simple procedure:

  1. Fill an application form indicating the fund and the amount invested along with your personal data (in case you are a first time customer).

  2. At the subscription date you must deposit the amount invested to the bank account of the fund or your subscription will be invalid.

  3. MetLife M.F.C. will send you by mail a notification of subscription and will keep you informed on the value of your investment twice a year for as long as you hold your units.


For more information you can address all your inquiries to the certified insurance agents of MetLife or to the Sales Department of MetLife M.F.C.

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