Advantages of the Mutual Funds



  1. Participation without limits
    You can participate to any mutual fund jointly with other investors, without requiring minimum amount.

  2. Professional Management
    The funds are managed by professional managers who follow certain investment controls and procedures.

  3. Diversification of Risk
    Investing in mutual funds, you reduce the risk of your investment by spreading your money in stocks, bonds and other securities of both greek and international capital markets.

  4. Transparency
    The net asset values of the mutual funds are calculated daily and the evaluation is published in the daily political and economic press.

  5. Availability of the funds
    The investors can redeem the shares on a daily basis and receive the money according to the law within 5 days.

  6. Money Transfer
    The investors can choose to re-allocate their investments among the mutual funds of the Company.

  7. Preservation and storage
    The funds are not in physical form. They are safe guarded by the bank who acts as the custodian of the Mutual Fund Company.

  8. Taxation
    You can learn more about this issue, by contacting all the agents of MetLife and the offices of MetLife M.F.C.

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