Investment Portfolios

According to your profile and economic goals, MetLife Mutual Fund Company, provides 3 Portfolios. Based on MetLife family of Mutual Funds, you have the opportunity to choose one of them.

Conservative Portfolio

Investor´s Profile: Conservative Portfolio 1

Investment goal:

To preserve the real value of your invested capital
Risk Level: Low
Investment horizon: 18 months


Balanced Portfolio

Investor´s Profile: Balanced Portfolio 2

Investment goal:

To develop your capital on a mid-term horizon through a balanced asset allocation to equities and bonds.
Risk Level: Moderate to high (equities do not exceed 40% upon your NAV)
Investment horizon: 36 months


Growth Portfolio

Investor´s Profile: High risk Portfolio 3

Investment goal:

To expand your capital through revaluation derived from a major asset allocation to domestic and international equities
Risk Level: High (equities could reach 75% of your NAV
Investment horizon: 60 months
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